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Once ERC tokens are released investors will have the chance to acquire gains while the project continues development of the Blockchain. The tokens can also be stored and distributed via ERC20 based smart contracts with Ethereum or other blockchain based applications.>

Among crypto currencies, ERC20 is used for the purpose of creating tokenization. It is also referred to as the token standard for Ethereum, and plays an important role in both digital currencies and Blockchain technology itself. Understanding it and the role it plays will make it easier to utilize digital tokens in the most effective way.

Why Brave Data for Your ICO and Ethereum ERC20 token?

ERC token creation

With expertise in the ERC series, these tokens are a type of crypto coin standard which is constructed above Ethereum, which is an intelligent platform for contracts which is ether powered. It is second only to Bitcoin in terms of popularity.

As a consequence, the majority of ICOs available today utilize ERC20 or ERC223 token creation to produce tokens. We create ERC tokens according to your specifications, for your ICO or Pre Sale.

Expert service

Brave Data offers our blockchain team who can expertly code and architect ERC20 and ERC223 contracts. To that end, the tokens that we create can be used to facilitate a number of projects, including securities dividends, decentralized apps for specific currencies, collateral deals, voting systems which are token based, staking platforms and assets which are tokenized, to name a few.

These are just a few of the things which are possible with this standard and in truth the potential applications are endless. Contact us to learn more.

Highest security standards

Our blockchain team is certified in the latest standards for ethical hacking and cybersecurity, to ensure that your ICO will go smoothly, and wallets are safe.

We can p-test your server and systems to find any possible weaknesses. If needed, we can host your landing and content pages in our IBM Cloud secure service containers.

Understand how predictive analytics can ehance your blockchain app

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