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A blockchain is a decentralized, distributed and digital ledger that is used to record transactions across many computers so that the record cannot be altered retroactively without the alteration of all subsequent blocks and the collusion of the network. Ledgers can be Public or Private.

It depends on the scoping and design sessions related to your proposed product or service to develop. We utilize Hyperledger Fabric by IBM for enterprise level applications, but we also utilize PostChain or MutiChain for medium to large sized applications as well. They are all great systems to build with, but each is different and can work particularly to accomodate specific requirements such as traffic load, speed of transactions etc.

We host all client applications in our Cloud partnered with IBM, and we use IBM secure service containers for the optimum levels of security and protection of the blockchain and its data.

Before you jump into the Blockchain bandwagon, it is important to know if your business truly needs a Blockchain solution or not. Here's are some simple questions you need to answer:

WHAT BUSINESS PROBLEM ARE YOU REALLY TRYING TO SOLVE WITH BLOCKCHAIN? Though blockchain is a disruptive technology, when deployed in the wrong place at the wrong time, it might not be the best solution that you might have been wanting for your business. It could be, let's say, "disruptive".

Knowing the exact business problem you are trying to solve is super essential. Unless and until you are able to define your mega problem in just a single powerful line, you might not be 100% sure about the problem.

IS THIS THE RIGHT TIME FOR YOU TO IMPLEMENT BLOCKCHAIN? New technologies are super exciting. They are like blackholes. Their gravitational pull is so much that you might be trying to find a problem (worst, invent one) to implement a new technology.

Talking to a consultant, who knows what blockchain is all about, and what is it not, will help you stay out of the blackhole. You might be at a point in your journey where your business is wealthy enough to go in for a big investment on blockchain technology. But that might not be the right time for you to implement blockchain.

ARE YOU ASSUMING BITCOIN AND BLOCKCHAIN ARE THE SAME? Many people today who get to know about blockchain are coming from Bitcoin’s success wave. But assuming that Bitcoin and Blockchain are the same is one hundred percent wrong.

As I mentioned earlier, Bitcoin is an implementation on top of Blockchain technology. You need to know the difference between a non-permissioned blockchain and a permissioned blockchain.

DO YOU UNDERSTAND THAT BLOCKCHAIN IS NOT A ONE-STOP SOLUTION? If you are assuming that implementing blockchain for your business is going to solve most of the problem in your problem chain, you might be wrong. Blockchain has its own limitations.

You need to talk to someone at Brave Data who can help you analyze the needs for blockchain in your business, tell you what is changing after you implement blockchain and give you a proper estimated cost of building your blockchain solution for your enterprise.

LiquidTrade™ is an online investment platform for direct investment in lower middle market private equity deals. LiquidTrade™ gives investors the ability to:

  • Browse investment offerings based on investment preferences including industry, deal type, risk and return profile;
  • Transact entirely online with a "crowd" of other like-minded investors, including digital legal documentation, funds transfer, and ownership recordation;

Manage and track investments easily through an online portfolio; receive automated distributions and/or interest payments, and regular financial reporting.

You can get started as an investor on LiquidTrade™ by joining the site. Then browse the opportunities and join those that interest you. The investment and checkout process is conducted online. You will be prompted to provide or verify any required information, as well as to make any required acknowledgments electronically.
LiquidTrade is a private holding company which designed and owns the technology for crowdfunding and trading using the LiquidTrade™ app, and the LiquidTrade Marketplace™. Brave Data is the only technology partner company allowed to sell, distribute, install and maintain node applications for your organization on the LiquidBlockchain™. How does it work?

You can simply join the LiquidTrade™ site and operate as an individual investor, or join the LiquidTrade Marketplace™ as a trader of private securities.

Your business or organization can request your own branded unique copy of the LiquidTrade™ crowdfunding primary market app and operate as a "Node Partner" on the LiquidBlockchain™. You can manage your regional Issuers, Investors and Securities on your own crowdfunding site.

LiquidTrade Marketplace™ is a secondary market for investors to "off-load" their chosen securities into a public trading platform and mix with other securities from different global regions and sectors. Marketplace Investors may also join separately, for the sole purpose of trading, and bypass the crowdfunding primary market.
The LiquidTrade™ platform provides for direct communication with investors, including the posting of ongoing reporting and updates on the status of a project, as well as the delivery of tax filing and other relevant materials directly to investors.
Projected returns and distributions, as well as a timetable for milestones and a distribution schedule, would be specific to each listing and, when available, would be noted in the offering documents for that investment.
The companies you find on LiquidTrade™ are privately held companies. Their shares are not traded on a public stock exchange like larger companies such as Apple or Procter & Gamble. As an equity investor in a private company, you would receive a return on your investment if and when the company distributes money. If a private company distributes money, it typically does so in one of three ways: 1) It gets sold to another company or a new set of investors such as a private equity firm; 2) It pays a dividend; or 3) It is listed on a stock exchange such as the NYSE. If those things happen, then you, as an investor, are entitled to your pro-rata share of the distributions that occur. For example, if you’ve invested in a food company that is purchased by General Mills, then you would receive your portion of the money that is paid out upon the sale of the business to General Mills. The company distributes the money directly to its shareholders. It is important to know that these investments can easily last years and there is no way to predict if or when you may receive a return. Private investments are risky and an investor can lose their entire investment. Alternatively, you may choose to sell your equity via the LiquidTrade Marketplace™ and find other traders looking for equity in the company you chose, who may purchase these shares from you.
No distributions are guaranteed and past performance is no indication of future results. Please read each deal memorandum to understand the risks.
After an investment has closed, investors can track its performance in their portfolio. Within the portfolio, investors will find all the relevant deal documents, as well as receive updates, distributions, and tax documents, where indicated.
Investments are usually closed on a first-come, first-served basis; although Compliance teams reserve the right to reject any particular investment. Once the total listing amount is reached, the listing is closed.
LiquidTrade™ is a "regulation agnostic" platform. What does this mean? It means that the app has built-in all necessary tools for Issuers and their compliance teams to provide the required documentation, disclaimers and background checks required for any securities marketplace EXCEPT the USA. So imagine that LiquidTradE™ can have securities crowdfunding deals from Brazil, Bulgaria and Bangladesh all operating on the same blockchain platform, but providing the legal compliance, descriptions and firewalling to allow only the legal Investors allowed for each deal.
No. Due to the myopic and heavily regulated American securities market, neither US Investors or US Issuers are allowed on the LiquidTrade™ platform. See the previous FAQ.
Yes. Please read the previous FAQ "Which regulatory authority does LiquidTradE™ operate in?"
Yes. Please read the previous FAQ "Which regulatory authority does LiquidTradE™ operate in?"
All communication between our users and the website is encrypted and secured using HTTPS and SSL/TLS. We encrypt all sensitive personal information using the AES-256 standard, which is the same encryption standard used by banks to secure customer data. All custom applications including the LiquidTrade™ platform, Nodes and Blockchain are hosted in IBM Secure Service Containers in local regional locations around the globe, for the utmost in security and trust.

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